Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Post Modernity

The readings on post modernism were a little bit confusing during the first reads, and I found myself having to reread sentences two or three times. The idea of art now in the current era of post modernity being so expansive and different than ever before is definitely interesting and relatable. It makes sense even on a personal level with how many aspects of each culture goes into one thing, opposed to what was the norm before with art being specific to an area. The example of Van Gough's painting of the shoes struck me since we looked at it, and I did not draw as much out of it as Jameson. But it still is clear that it does represent one solid idea rather than breaching across many different borders of culture. It is an interesting idea to think about.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

TIme's Shape

The Shape of Time was interesting in how it displayed everything's interconnectedness. The whole aspect of everything being placed in extension of people around you and all based on circumstance is interesting and deep but at the same time it seems almost sad. That even though it is art and it is a self-expression, it isn't purely one person but everything else surrounding. And yet its reception is based upon the peers that surrounded it. It kind of downplays the magnificence of a virtuoso, but at the same time is shows just how amazing it is that there is someone with that talent at that time. The idea of an invisible chain as events that lead and follow from each action shows how deep the human connection of each person it.


Friday, March 24, 2017

Greece Pottery

The Art Venue on Thursday featuring Greece pottery was interesting with all the art in something so small. The only modern day equivalent might be coffee mugs with any feature of art. But these don't even come close to the same level of intricacy or care in on each pot. Not only this but the fact that so many of them were so well preserved.

At the same time, the one that was in pieces featuring griffins was the most aged and personally resonated more with me. It was amazing to see how well preserved they were, but being able to see the effect time had on the broken pot was more interesting to me. It was still easy to tell it was a pot before, but the age was another form of art that added to it. Just the idea that the they were thousands of years old is mindblowing.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Data Visualization

The entire aspect of the Art of Data Visualization was a little hard to grasp at first but I think I started to understand further in. The entire idea of putting forth an image to convey a message to people who have not been exposed to said message is more complex than explainable it seems. But data visualization looks to be about being able to make something complicated approachable and understandable withing a short amount of time to everyone capable of recognization and recalling memories and thoughts. The whole idea of being able to share ideas and thoughts through images and collaboration in the hopes of inspiring some people to take it even further or jus to learn seems to be one of the most human things possible. The idea of Data visualization goes beyond the idea of just portraying an image in hopes of resemblance, but actually capturing a certain level of gravity of whatever topic with visual stimulation. At least that's what it seems to be to me.

Video referenced: Click here