Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Final Analysis

For my final work, I took inspiration from Louise Nevelson. She was an abstract expressionist sculptor who took inspiration from nature and cubism. Her work was very layered, monochromatic, and three-dimensional.
Image result for louise nevelson  Cascade by Lousie Nevelson

For my piece, I attempted to take her idea of environmental art, as well as the whole idea of three-dimensional. But instead, my layout was on paper and cardboard, as well as the inclusion of cardboard in the sense of recycling.

The focal point is the deepest cut with the most ridges. The eye follows a zigzag path up ad down the painting.
Some of the implied lines may be the space between each cutout, and the cardboard that comes outward. Looking at it from an angle does this best.
The implied texture is the cutout, but at the same time, there is actual texture since it is a different layer of paper at each color. This as well as the cardboard that comes out a couple cm.
For color schemes, it is mostly orange blue and yellow, which would make it mostly complementary as well as the dark edges black paint. It is rather small which makes more focused on detail rather than a bigger picture.

The connotative meaning is going after the same otherworldly feel or memory type of portal feel that Louise Nevelson goes for. This is the outward and inward feeling the image provides.
Denotative is the image is actually inward and outward. There is a deep color range going in, and a dark going outward.
Ideologically it could just mean to go past the darkness that comes at us in everyday life and find the color in life.