Friday, January 20, 2017

Hazy Vision

"Visibility" by Calvino is about how imagination is its own world entirely, that occupies each person's mind. He goes on to explain how the inner-mind and thought of each person can be displayed through words and images. Though this piece wasn't necessarily an easy read, there are a few ideas and lines that capture the essence of what Calvino is trying to express. ""but in middle there opens up a field of infinite possibilities in the application of the individual imagination, in how one depicts characters, places, and scenes in motion."
Calvino speaks about how St. Ignatius opens ups the interpretation instead of the prior route of the Church to give a firm idea and outlook on each subject. Rather than having an image that is forced upon the recipient, it is open for the imagination. This ties in with what we've discussed in class some. That even though there is deliberate symbolism in art pieces, there does seem to be a gray area of interpretation that is open to all. And the same in regards or representing the mind with art, it is completely up to the artist to display all the feelings and ideas behind each art piece.

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  1. I also was drawn to the quote that you included in your article because although it is dense with information that is up for interpretation, I found it as one of the easier points to understand and relate to as a reader and audience member.